I settled for awhile in Mundey Place ( Jack Mundey)  in the Rocks, Sydney and waited for something to happen in front a relief motif of Jack. This is cropped quite a bit but I like the branch at the top which I think balances the lady on the seat. I’ve toned the dark areas in this a bit as well.

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Camera Fuji X-E1
Lens XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS
ISO 200
Focal Length 55.0 mm (83.0 mm in 35mm)
Aperture f/10
Exposure Time 1/60 second
Date Taken 2013-10-02 at 9:48 am

MacKay Falls

MacKay Falls
1. Mackay Falls, Milford Track, Fiordland NP, South Island, New Zealand. 24 images stacked using the statistics function (mean) in Photoshop. Each image: 1/800s f5.0 ISO 800, Fuji X-T1, XF18-55mm f2.8-f4.0 @18mm (about 28mm full frame equivalent)

The Milford Track walk (more information) is 4 nights/ 5 days and about 54 kilometres. There are waterfalls everywhere you look – the region gets about 12 meters of rain a year! I didn’t want to carry a tripod as well as the rest of the gear required. So how to photograph water falls without a tripod and still get that smooth water look? And I couldn’t use an ND filter to get a slow shutter speed, obviously that would require a tripod. Continue reading

In The Bag

Gear, everyone always asks what your shooting with. It only matters when it’s relevant to what you intend to do with your images. It is important to know how to use your equipment, and shoot regularly. As Dorothea Lange said “A Camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera”. All of our resources need to work together to make a photograph that holds interest. Arnold Newman summed it up as “Visual ideas combined with technology combined with personal interpretation equals photography. Each must hold it’s own; if it doesn’t, the thing collapses.”

So with that in mind… Continue reading

Camel Rock


Blog post-1
1 – Jagged Hills, 6:45am 27/11/2015, Fujifilm X-T1, XF50-140mm F2.8 @ 63mm, 1/680s @ f22, ISO 400 (-1EV)

( Wallaga Lake area Map GPS 36°22’42″S 150°4’47″E)

The Hunt for Images

As the name suggests camel rock, well, looks a bit like a camel from some viewpoints and with a little imagination. If you can imagine being a little more along the beach to the right in the shot below…obviously taken on a different day when the weather was not so fine, perhaps you can see a camel lying down, head out to sea?

Camel Rock-1
2 – Camel Rock, 23/11/2015 7:50am, Fujifilm X-T1, XF14mmF2.8, .9s @ f16 ISO800 (+2/3EV)

This post’s opening image was taken at the rock to the left – on a different day.

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