Robinvale, Darlington Point, Carcoar Dam

Heading home now. Robinvale is our last spot on the Murray. It’s another one of those towns with a twin on the other side of the Murray – Euston is in NSW and Robinvale Victoria. We stayed at the Robinvale Riverside Caravan Park for two nights to refill water and empty the loo. Lots of people comment on the odd shape of our van, well I reckon this one is odder…

A boat works well as a Van



With only a day to look around we took a walk from Euston to Lock 15 on the Murray. Along the way we saw a stagnant pond. It’s surprising something ugly can turn into what I think is something quite attractive. _MDG9233_20-04-16At the lock Pelicans flocked to catch fish falling through the lock’s overflow._MDG9209_20-04-16

The walk passed through a forest of Red Gums as is normal along the river._MDG9215_20-04-16

Darlington Point

Darlington Point is the home of the Burrumbuttock Hay Run. Volunteers drive a convoy of 120 trucks 1,800 kilometres to deliver almost 5,000 bales of hay to some of Queensland’s most drought-stricken graziers. The hay, fuel and time is all donated by supporters. A mighty effort.

We stayed in the caravan park for the night to break the journey home. There’s not much at Darlington Point. It’s on the Murrumbidgee River upon which paddle steamers also steamed but there’s not much more than old broken wharfs left now.

Remnants of an old Wharf
River Gums on the Murrumbidgee



Our last overnight stop was at Carcoar Dam. A very popular free camping site on the banks of a dam on the Belubula River. It’s a small dam and quite low at the moment.

We camped on the far shore in the distance

As the water level was so low backwaters in the dam collected algal blooms and looked quite terrible. But again it’s amazing how something can turn out to be interesting.

A duck paddles through the algae; clouds reflected in the water










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